Pride in our Mixed Heritage

As people of mixed heritage, we are the embodiment of the wonderful diversity within our communities and society. Each individual is unique, with a beautiful blend of different colours, cultures, religions, beliefs and perspectives all coming together.

It hasn’t always been seen this way. History was against interracial relationships, laws prevented them and the media tainted them. Mixed heritage families face many barriers today. People struggle with their identity, experience prejudice and hate. It’s hard finding your way in the world if you don’t fit into a specific box or label.

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Despite these challenges, people who are mixed heritage have thrived. Many actors, athletes, TV personalities, business leaders, entrepreneurs and politicians have become successful in their own right. For some, you’ll know of their heritage, whilst others are labelled in a way that ignores their unique background which has shaped who they are.

Mixed Heritage is one of the fastest growing ethnic groups. And Mixed Heritage Day is here to celebrate their stories, your story. Join us, each year, on the 27th June to celebrate all those of mixed heritage.



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Mixed Heritage Day 2022

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