Anonymous – My mixed Black Caribbean and White British struggle

My Grandad moved over from Jamaica in the 60’s and brought up his family in England.

The first negative experience I had was in secondary school, where someone called me a half breed. I have had a few different experiences in adulthood, I’ve been told I’m too light to be from a black background, and too dark to be white.

I’ve been referred to as a caramel latte because I’m too light to be considered a coffee colour. People have asked where I come from, or what I am. And when I was having a meeting with a Sr person in the organisation about BAME, they stated they thought I’d just been on holiday…..

I’ve also been approached by another person who stated I was watering down and betraying the black race as I was married to a white man.

I’ve had a bit of an identity crisis; not knowing where I belonged, being too light to be considered from a black background and too dark to be white.

Do you have a story of your mixed heritage to share? Let us know your story here

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