Julie Campana – French, but also… (Mixed – Asian, Polynesian, White European)

My father is Italian (French by adoption) and my mother is French, Tahitian, Chinese and German.

I have grown up in four countries (China, Malaysia, UAE and Turkey) as a kid, before coming to live in France and then starting my studies there, before moving to the UK a few years ago.

As France is the country where I have spent the most of my life so far, I consider myself as French when I get asked. However, I have never really felt at home anywhere in particular, but at the same time I do feel at home everywhere.

I strongly believe that meeting and interacting with people from different cultures is extremely important. This teaches you lots of things that you could not learn otherwise, and makes you more tolerant. Being from a mixed heritage teaches you those things from a young age and you grow with those values.

Mixed heritage people are not often talked about, but they can definitely add value to an organisation.

Do you have a story of your mixed heritage to share? Let us know your story here

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