Sinta Fragkou – My Greek-Indonesian heritage

I grew up seeing people as people and that what mattered was people’s actions to better the world – not their skin colour or religion, thanks to my parents.

They couldn’t be more different; my mom a Muslim Indonesian and my dad a Christian Greek.

I grew up to the tunes of two different mother tongues, but that didn’t confuse me; it only made me curious to learn more languages – a curiosity I still retain.

Outside my family, I was too “exotic” to be Greek and too “white” to be Indonesian. It seemed people had decided for me that I didn’t belong anywhere long before I was mature enough to realise that myself.

However, I don’t see it like this anymore – I’ve made a choice to keep the good aspects of my experiences and focus on how it made me who I am: someone that can connect with people much different than herself, that wants to see less people feeling like they don’t belong, and do her best to see less pain experienced among all entities.

Do you have a story of your mixed heritage to share? Let us know your story here

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