Abigail Enriquez – I call myself Euro-Latina!

I am Mexican, German, Spanish, and Italian.

I call myself Euro-Latina!

Though the colonial period of these countries are over, I still feel there is a battle between the Mexican and European sides of me.

I am always told by the Mexican community that I am not a true Mexican or I don’t look “Latina enough”. That my skin is a different tint or my nose is too slim. “You are white.” They claimed it over me as if I should not even bother introducing my Latin roots. To ignore the tint of caramel in the shade of my complexion and my dark, almost black hair. My features were always too “exotic” to fit in with the white community.

When people started asking me “what are you?” I would hesitate to answer because I always got negative responses. From degrading comments, eye rolls, and disapproving stares. “I am just mixed with a bunch of things.” I would say to avoid the whole conversation that somehow made me feel invalid and unworthy of each heritage I carried.

Fortunately, the question of my ethnicity always finds its way into the conversation. The question I once hated, I now deeply appreciate.

It was not until this year I began answering differently. As I began to travel more, I met many other people who are like me. Mixed with their own unique blend of ethnicities. They supported me and taught me to be confident. We welcomed each other.

After all the hate I’ve received it took a only a few supporting people to build me back up. I can now say I am finally confident in all that I am. I am not just one or the other. I am both. My DNA is a story of the many people before me and I am not only proud but honored to carry on different legacies! We should embrace ourselves to every extent.

Do not aim to fit into one community or the other; aim to be authentically you.

Do you have a story of your mixed heritage to share? Let us know your story here

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