Jaida Savannah Thomas – My Black, White, Carribean, British heritage

The main thing for me having mixed heritage is that I simultaneously fit into multiple groups and none. I was never white enough to be be able to fully ignore the barriers created for black people, but never black enough to truly understand the struggle of colourism for dark skinned people.

It was enjoyable to grow up with different backgrounds, to receive different perspectives on the same things and to learn about the different lived experiences of my ancestors.

Both of my parents are British, which is also an added element. Although I see Caribbean culture through food and music, it is not as prevalent in my life as the white British cultural half of me.

I am somewhat, I guess, lucky that my skin tone is desired by some, but it is difficult sometimes to ignore the call for ‘cute mixed race babies’ or the more general fetishisation of people who look like me.

It’s a weird balance being of mixed heritage as no one really explains to you how to be both white&black. You understand the rules as a black person, and the privileges of being light skinned, but there’s never really much more of a discussion than that.

Do you have a story of your mixed heritage to share? Let us know your story here

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